Rosary for Oblation – 33 Knots


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An authentic monastic handiwork which is made with love and prayer. Rosary for Obletion consists of 33 knots, a silver cross and a wool-thread yarn. It can be used as an aid to prayer and as an oblation to a church icon.
Knots: 33

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Mount Athos Rosary for Oblation  with 33 Knots

Rosary for Oblation is a genuine monastic handiwork. Following the tradition of centuries, the monks make with much prayer handmade rosary that conveys their blessings and the fragrance of monastic life.

It consists of 33 knots. It stands out thanks to the quality of its materials and the emphasis on the details during its construction.

Monastic rosary for Oblation can be used by Christians as an aid during their prayer, but also as an offer, as a pledge to Virgin Mary or to a saint of Orthodoxy.

Rosary for Oblation: Materials that were used in its construction

Its 33 knots are made of wool- silk yarn. In the Oblation Rosary a Russian style silver cross hangs loose which is made of silver. The cross bears an embossed representation of the Crucified. At its back side, it bears an inscription in the Church Slavonic language.

This Monastic Rosary for Oblation consists of two beads that are on both sides of the cross.

Rosary for Oblation is made to order. It is available only in order of priority.

What is an Oblation?

The Oblation is an ancient habit, a centuries- old tradition, of religious people all over the world. In Orthodox faith and tradition, Christians pledge an oblation to a saint, Virgin Mary or Christ, as a thanksgiving gesture, like offering a gift to a person who helped them with something of great importance.

Believers usually give large candles, gold or silver images, jewels or other objects, made of precious materials as a pledge to Saints. All these sacred objects, offered to the church by religious people are called pledges or oblation.

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