Monastic Rosary for Oblation with Beads- 150 Knots (300)


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Made with love, Monastic Rosary for Oblation stands for its quality materials and thoughtful details. It consists of 150 knots. It can be used as an aid to prayer and also as a vow in the church.
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Rosary for Oblation with Colored Beads and 150 Knots

Rosary for Oblation is an authentic handmade monastic product. It is made according to centuries-old monastic tradition as the handiwork of monks.

It has 150 knots. It stands out thanks to its size, which is similar to a rosary with 300 knots, and its quality materials which are used in its construction. Monastic Rosary can be used by Christians during their prayer and as an offering, vow, to Virgin Mary or a saint.

The Materials of the Rosary for Oblation

Its 150 knots are made of woolly thread. The rosary for oblation is divided in six parts. Each one of them has twenty five knots. Between these parts, there are white, red and yllow beads. The beads are carefully joined together creating elaborate designs that decorate the prayer rope.

At the edge of the rosary, a cross is formed which is made of small and larger beads, white and red. Beneath the cross, fine white, red and yellow beads joined together create elaborate fringes.

Oblation: What is it and when is offered

This is an ancient habit, an ancient custom, of the faithful people in all over the world. The vow is common to all historical periods and has arrived until today.

Christians make a vow to a saint, Virgin Mary or Christ with the same logic that someone offering a gift to a person who served him, helped him in an important job. It is offered as a gift for the assistance because of grace he did.

Believers usually promise the Saints large candles, gold or silver images, jewels or other objects made of precious materials. All these thigns that usually promise the faithful and dedicate people to the church called offerings.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas
Net weight: 84gr

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