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The holy great martyr Catherine is portrayed wearing a crown and holding the Cross of the Lord in her hand. She rests on a non-stick wheel that is its emblem. The icon with Saint Catherine in antique painting technique is crafted in the workshop of the distinguished hagiographer Father Pefkis.



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Hagiography with Saint Catherine in Antique Painting Technique

Saint Catherine lived in Alexandria and was descended from a royal generation. Wisdom and her education matched her ethos and her modesty harmoniously, causing everyone to admire her.

Saint Catherine refused to sacrifice to idols. In the rhetorical struggles of Alexandria, the Emperor confronted her with the fifty best orators, and she not only defeated them but persuaded them to be baptized Christians. The Church celebrates the memory of Saint Catherine on November 25th when, according to tradition, she was died after tortures and angels transferred her body to the Sinai peninsula.

The wheel, the formal costume and the crown depicted in this holy icon of Saint Catherine refer to all these elements of her life: martyrdom, education, origins and the example that in order to change the world power is found in the soul and not in the body.

Hagiography in antique painting technique

The icon with Saint Catherine has been crafted by Father Pefkis and bears his signature, which also means the authenticity of this copy, which thus bears the seal of the tradition of Mount Athos.

Hagiography has been crafted with excellent quality materials in natural wood. The painted surface is covered with a pure beeswax to keep it intact with bright colors. The handmade antique painting technique, which has been applied by the painter Father Pefkis, a graduate of the Athonian School, makes the icon collectible.

The Byzantine iconography of Father Pefkis, since 1980, deals with the production of copies of portable icons of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period in accordance with the Athonite style.



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