Saint Christopher – Gold Plated Lithography – Mount Athos


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Gold plated lithography with Saint Christopher. He is the protector of gardeners, but in many images he is represented with the baby Jesus on his shoulders.


Origin: Mount Athos


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Gold Plated Lithography with Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher came from a semi-barbaric tribe and is said to have embraced Christianity when he was taken prisoner along with other soldiers and transported to Antioch. There he was baptized and then took the name Christopher. According to tradition, shortly before he was baptized and wanting to do good acts to please Christ, he carried people on his shoulders to help them cross a dangerous river. One day a small child appeared and asked him to cross it to the opposite bank. He did put the child on his shoulders, but as he walked in the water, the child’s weight increased, however Saint Christopher succeeded and crossed the river. Only when they came to him did Jesus appear, saying that he was the child. That is why in many images he is represented with the baby Jesus on his shoulders. He is also the protector of gardeners.

Gold Plated Lithography: Characteristics

This particular icon has been created with the technique of lithography. In addition this icon has been gold plated and as a result the quality and overall aesthetics of the work is being upgraded and it also has embossed letters a technique done entirely by hand. Monks are learning the technique of lithography at iconography workshops at Mount Athos so they can create with love and patience these excellent artworks. At this icon the monk used a lithographic copy of Byzantine art to create this artwork. He also applied the process of artificial maturation by hand to give this icon unique aesthetic value.


Origin: Mount Athos



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