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Saint Demetrius, the brave military, helped Nestor to defeat Lyeus with his faith. The hagiography of Saint Demetrius, the myrrh- streamer, has been crafted on carved wood by father Pefkis, former student of the Athonite Academy on Mount Athos.



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Hagiography with Saint Demetrius

Saint Demetrius was born between 280-284 AD. He was tortured during the time of the emperors Diocletian and Maximianus in 305 AD. He was the son of an aristocratic family in Thessaloniki. As a military, he quickly evolved into the ranks of the Roman army. His status as an officer did not prevent him from accepting the Orthodox faith and becoming Christian.

Emperor Diocletian issued a decree “Refusing Christianity”. Demetrius ignored it and was imprisoned in Thessaloniki. A young Christian named Nestor was also in prison with Demetrius. The young man was going to face in the duel the awesome Gladiator Lyeus. The duel was predicted deadly for the Christian young man.

Nestor, before confronting Lyeus, visited Demetrius in his cell and asked for his help. Saint Demetrius gave him his wish. With the help of God and the faith of the two men, Nestor defeated Lyeus. The emperor was outraged and ordered both men, Nestor and Demetrius, to be killed.

The body of Saint Demetrius was buried in the place of his martyrdom, according to the authors of the greetings of Eustathios of Thessaloniki, Gregory Palamas and Demetrius Chrysoloras. His tomb was transformed into a deep shaft that breathes myrrh. From the myrrh that comes out of his tomb he also received the nickname Myrrh- streamer.

Characteristics of the icon

The icon has been crafted with high quality materials and the unique method of the loyal depiction of the forms that the Byzantine hagiography workshop of Father Pefkis follows. The details stand out with their vivid tone. The painted surface has been covered with pure beeswax in order to maintain intact with its bright colors.

The artwork has the signature of the Athonite academy student and well-known painter and priest father Pefkis.



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