Saint Demetrius & Crucifix – Neck Cross – Gold Plated Silver (9274X)


Discover a unique neck cross made by Greek Orthodox Monk, that depicts Saint Demetrius on its one side and Jesus hung on the cross on its other side. Made of fine silver 925 and gold it is a selective monastic handiwork.


Materials: Gold Plated Silver

Dimensions: 1.9 x 3.1 cm

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Neck Cross made of fine silver 925 & gold that depicts Saint Demetrius and Jesus on the Cross

The neck cross Saint Demetrius – Crucified is made with the blessings of Monks, who have as handiwork the production of these unique artworks.

Neck Cross – what does it depict?

On the front side and at the centre of the composition, Saint Demetrius is depicted, frontally and in full military gear.

With his right hand he is holding a spear; with his left a sword while wearing armor and tunic. Saint Demetrius head is surrounded by an engraved halo while on his left shoulder a small rounded shield is hanging.

Circumferentially the cross is adorned with golden details.

Neck Cross – Back Side

The back side depicts Jesus hung on the cross, with a halo around His head. At the vertical post of the cross, the engraved inscription “INBI” (Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews) with Capital Letters stands out.

The Holy Lance that pierced Jesus’ side as well as the Sponge that was dipped in vinegar and offered to Christ during his Crucifixion can also be found on the right and left side of the Cross.

The golden details that surround the cross give to it unique class and elegance!

* Combine the neck cross Saint Demetrius – Crucified with a silver 40 cm chain that costs 10€ or a 60cm silver chain that has an extra cost of 20€

Discover our large collection of Neck Crosses handmade by Orthodox Monks!


Materials: Gold Plated Silver

Dimensions: 1.9 x 3.1 cm

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