Saint Eugenia – Gold Plated Lithography – Mount Athos


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Gold plated lithography with Saint Eugenia. This icon has embossed letters a technique done entirely by hand and follows the Byzantine style.


Origin: Mount Athos


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Gold Plated Lithography with Saint Eugenia

Saint Eugenia came from a wealthy family of Rome, but at some point she moved to Alexandria. There the Saint comes in contact with Christianity through the letters of the Apostle Paul and she is baptized. A short time later and because her parents wanted to marry her against her will, Saint Eugenia disguises herself as a man, went in a monastery and becomes a monk. Years later she returned to her home in Rome and persuaded her parents to become Christians, but this displeased the pagans. So, with false accusations, she is arrested and beheaded, while her parents were killed along with her, as well as two servants. Her memory is commemorated on December 24.

Gold Plated Lithography: Characteristics

This particular icon has been created with the technique of lithography and it has embossed letters a technique done entirely by hand. Monks are learning the technique of lithography at iconography workshops at Mount Athos so they can create with love and patience these excellent artworks. At this icon the monk used a lithographic copy of Byzantine art to create this artwork. He also applied the process of artificial maturation by hand to give this icon unique aesthetic value. In addition this icon has been gold plated and as a result the quality and overall aesthetics of the work is being upgraded.


Origin: Mount Athos


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