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Saint Fanourios is one of the most beloved saints in all the Greek people, and the faithful invoke him with reverence. For many centuries he was unknown. The icon with Saint Fanourios is crafted on naturally aged wood from Mount Athos.

Dimensions: 25,5 x 30,5 x 2,5 cm

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Handmade hagiography with Saint Fanourios

Saint Fanourios, this beloved saint, remained for many centuries unknown. He became known when his icon was accidentally found in the 14th century AD in Rhodes. There was an ancient temple with many damaged icons. Among them was the well-preserved icon on which the then Metropolitan of Rhodes Nile (1355-1369 AD) read the saint’s name “Saint Fano”.

In the icon, saint Fanourios was portrayed as a young soldier, holding a cross on his right hand, on which there was a lit candle. Around the picture there was a representation of his twelve martyrs.

Metropolitan Nile reconstructed, after many attempts, the ancient temple where the icon of Saint Fanourios was found. As it appears, Nile also drafted the saint’s sequence.

The special love, devotion and honor that the Christians surrounded St. Fanourios lead to be created different traditions, among which is the custom of Fanouropita, a sweet pie for the saint. Fanouropita is made on the eve of the saint’s feast. Believers offer the Fanouropita to be blessed by the priest during the saint’s vesper and then share it in the congregation.

Blessed Wood that came out of Heaven!

Mount Athos Monks deeply appreciate the historical and spiritual significance of the place where they live. They try to use everything around them for the glory of God.

Even perishable materials that seemed to have no use in the past are now utilized by Greek Orthodox Monks. Thus, old woods that are found after the renovation of Holy Cells are used thanks to the wisdom of Greek Orthodox Monks.

Woods that used to be supporting beams in the past are now used for the creation of these collectible icons.

They continue to carry the Athonite blessing of Mount Athos since they come straight from this holy place.

Thanks to Mount Athos Exhibition, these collectible icons can be found in the hands of cosmic people who are now able to purchase real treasures of unique spiritual value.

Monks tend to accompany their work with prayers while the creation of these unique works of Byzantine art is one of their daily occupations.


Dimensions: 25,5 x 30,5 x 2,5 cm

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