Saint Gerasimus – Gold Plated Lithography  – Mount Athos


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A beautiful gold plated lithography with the representation of Saint Gerasimus of Kefalonia. An icon with embossed letters a technique done entirely by hand.


Origin: Mount Athos


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Gold Plated Lithography with Saint Gerasimus

Saint Gerasimus of Kefalonia was born at 1509 AD Gerasimos and he came from the aristocratic and wealthy Notaras family.  received a Christian upbringing, he was known for his charities and he helped his poor classmates in every way. When he was grown he went to various places like Crete and Zakynthos, Constantinople, Mount Athos and finally he went to Jerusalem  where he stayed for 12 years. There he ordained deacon and then priest and some time later he left from Jerusalem and went to Kefalonia.

He spent his first 5 years in a cave and then he built a monastery which he named New Jerusalem. At that monastery he lived in an ascetic way helping in every way he could the residents of the island. Saint Gerasimus of Kefalonia passed away on the 15th of August at 1579 AD at the age of 70. Because on this day we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary the Church honors the memory of Saint Gerasimus on the 16th of August.

Gold Plated Lithography: Characteristics

This particular icon has been created with the technique of lithography and it has embossed letters a technique done entirely by hand. Monks are learning the technique of lithography at iconography workshops at Mount Athos so they can create with love and patience these excellent artworks. At this icon the monk used a lithographic copy of Byzantine art to create this artwork. He also applied the process of artificial maturation by hand to give this icon unique aesthetic value. In addition this icon has been gold plated and as a result the quality and overall aesthetics of the work is being upgraded.


Origin: Mount Athos


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