Saint Nicholas – Wood Carved Icon | Mount Athos


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Saint Nicholas is depicted in this woodcut work frontally. He is wearing the vestments of the bishop of the era in which he lived, his vestment and his priestly garment, cuffs and a large scapular. With his right hand he is blessing while holding a closed Gospel with his left one.

The wood used for the construction of this wood carved hagiography is a 100% natural product, from prime quality beech, that comes from FSC certified forests. The beech is by nature a heavy, hard and high-strength wood that enables the woodcarver to execute elaborate and highly detailed artworks even when it is carved with the miniaturization process. The carved iconography consists of three compact pieces, glued together with special, resistant glue, in order to avoid any damage to its coherence. The beech wood that is used is specially processed in an oven to remove the harmful and unnecessary moisture. It is impregnated with special-medicinal liquid in order to achieve complete insect extermination.

In the hagiography, special wax and beeswax is repeatedly applied in the process of coating with natural varnish to impart an artificial aging while achieving the protection of the icon from the ravages of time. The colors that have been used in the painting of the picture is what the Athonite, Greek Orthodox tradition requires while the gold leaf applied for the coating of certain sections, is made of 22 carats.

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