Saints Theodore – Antique Lithography | Mount Athos


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A beautiful antique lithography with Saints Theodore. There are two Saint Theodore, Saint Theodore Tyron and Saint Theodore the Stratelates.


Origin: Mount Athos



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Antique Lithography with Saints Theodore

There are two Saint Theodore, Saint Theodore Tyron and Saint Theodore the Stratelates. Saint Theodore Tyron is venerated as warrior saint and Great Martyr in the Orthodox Church. He was a recruit serving in the Roman army at Amasea, which is the modern Amasya in Northern Turkey. When he refused to join his fellow soldiers in pagan rites of worship, he was arrested, but then set free after a warning. However, he again protested paganism by setting fire to the temple of Cybele, which was the local mother-goddess at Amasea. He was then condemned to death and, after tortures, was executed by being thrown into a furnace. In Western Christianity, he is usually called «Theodore of Amasea» from the ancient city in Pontus where he suffered martyrdom.

Saint Theodore the Stratelates was an officer in the Roman army, but when the emperor Licinius learned that he was a Christian, he wanted to convert him. At first he called him to sacrifice to the idols, but Theodore refused. A little later, however, Saint Theodore himself attended a glorious ceremony, but instead of sacrificing to the idols, he tore them to pieces. When Licinius saw this act, he ordered his arrest, but Theodore, despite the torture, did not deny Christ. Eventually, the soldiers crucified him, but he did not die, so the emperor ordered that he would be beheaded.

Antique Lithography: Characteristics

At this icon the iconographer monk used the technique of lithography to create this beautiful work of art. The monk was taught the technique of lithography at the workshops of iconography at the monasteries of Mount Athos. This particular icon was crafted with the Byzantine style with both the technique of lithography and the procedure of artificial maturation by hand. This icon can be an excellent gift for our friends or relatives because it is an artwork made with love from the monks of this holy place.


Origin: Mount Athos



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