Scented Candle – 5 Perfumes


Situated in a small glass jar, colored Scented Candle Premises works like a candlestick. It is scented with fragrance of incense. As burned, it emits in space the smell and warmth of the monastic tradition.
Net Weight: 210g

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Scented Candle – 5 Perfumes

Monastic Scented Candle is a unique handmade product. The wick remains lit until the wax inside the glass jar runs out, which is both safe and practical.

It is available in five fragrances: Byzantine, amber, myrrh, rose & cherubikon. Each fragrance gives a different color to the corresponding candle. Its design is simple and fits into any space.

Scented Candle: symbolism

The candle and its flame is something common in the everyday life of Monks on the Garden of Virgin Mary. Correspondingly, the sweet warmth that the aroma candle gives off can be a reminder of the monastic tradition in our daily life.

The distinctive aroma of wax can have a unique spiritual value.  A small candle can distract human beings from the concerns they have daily.

Scented Candle Pwith its sweet aroma, offers spiritual relaxation. You should light it at home during prayer or meditation. Its fragrance and warm light will help reduce your stress and concentrate on your spiritual activities.

Net Weight: 210gr

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