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It improves gallbladder health and function, helps boost liver detoxification and helps combat free radicals with its powerful antioxidant properties. Net weight: 50ml



At the Holy Monastery of the Ascension of Christ in Proti – Serres, the nuns produce an exceptional monastery product that contains thistle from Pangaion Hills in an alcohol solution of 50 degrees (biological raki).


– It improves gallbladder health and function

– It helps boost liver detoxification

– It contributes to the regeneration of damaged liver cells

– It soothes allergy symptoms and nasal congestion

– With its powerful antioxidant properties it helps combat free radicals

– It is said to have sudofic, diuretic and tonic properties

– It acts against colic, dysentery and hypotension.

Precautions – contraindications

Healing herbal tinctures are highly effective products and should be avoided in children under the age of 12 years, during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage: 25drops per day for 10 days.

A genuine monastery product that is being produced and packaged at the Holy Monastery of the Ascension of Christ and is available via the Mount Athos product exhibition.

Net weight: 50ml

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