Tincture with Herbal Mixture – Immune Boosting

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The tincture to strengthen the immune system contains herbs, which have strong antiviral and antimicrobial action, have strong antioxidant properties and naturally strengthen the body’s defenses.


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Tincture for Immune Boosting

The tincture to boost the immune system contains herbs, which have strong antiviral and antimicrobial action, are rich in vitamins, polyphenols and flavonoids, have strong antioxidant properties and significantly strengthen the body’s defenses. Its ingredients protect the body from infections by supporting the proper functioning of the immune system, while helping to better recover and reduce symptoms due to viruses. This tincture contains propolis, echinacea, rockrose, astragalus, calendula, thyme, lavender, but also rosehip.

Tincture for Immune Boosting: Properties

A tincture that strengthens the body in a completely natural way. With propolis, which consists of more than 300 chemical compounds, while containing flavonoids and polyphenolic components, which have antioxidant activity and compounds that have the ability to regulate the immune system. Echinacea stimulates the immune system thanks to the substances it contains, rockrose is rich in polyphenols and has a strong antioxidant action, helps in detoxification and stimulates in times of fatigue and exhaustion.

Astragalus is used to strengthen the body, as it neutralizes the action of free radicals, calendula has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal properties and strengthens the immune system, thyme has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is tonic, antitussive and expectorant, lavender stimulates the immune system and at the same time reduces the feeling of stress, improves mood and promotes relaxation. Finally, rosehip is recommended in cases of exhaustion and lack of vitamins, as it contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamins A, B and K.


Dissolve 15 – 20 drops in water twice a day for a month. Pause for ten days and repeat. Avoid use by children under 12 years of age, during pregnancy, lactation and medication.

What is Tincture

Tincture is created by immersing herbs in an alcoholic solution, usually for a period of a few weeks. During this time, the active ingredients of the herbs are dissolved in the alcoholic solution. This process has as a result that the tincture retains to the fullest all the beneficial properties of the herbs.


Produced with a monastic recipe and packaged according to law: Ο.Ν. 3982/2011 ΦΕΚ 143Α/17-06-11 on behalf of the Mount Athos Products Exhibition.


Net Weight: 50ml


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