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Fasting spicy frumenty is a product made with a monastic recipe and has a great taste. You can find it with many other kinds of pasta at Product Exhibition of Mount Athos.


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Fasting Spicy Frumenty with Monastic Recipe

Fasting spicy frumenty is a complete, healthy and nutritious meal especially for fasting periods. This product besides the excellent materials that are used for the production, it is also made with a traditional monastic recipe and as a result it’s a product with very unique quality and exceptional taste. You can find fasting spicy frumenty and a number of other handmade pasta like chopped noodles, cous cous or spelt noodles at Product Exhibition of Mount Athos. It should be noted that pasta like frumenty is a complete food with great nutritional value, that should not be missing from our table. This is 100% natural product made with love and care. Monks are recommending that after the purchase this product must be kept in a dry and cool place and avoid sun exposure.

Nutritional Value and Ingredients

This fasting spicy frumenty is 100% natural product with a monastic recipe that is made from wheat flour, tomato paste and hot pepper. This is an ideal choice for fasting period but it is also a great and complete meal for all ages. Like all pasta has high amounts of complex carbohydrates and it also contains vitamins and proteins. But the lovers of traditional and authentic flavours will appreciate this product. Something that must be mentioned is that the proteins in frumenty are high quality proteins and easily digestible. Spicy frumenty with monastic recipe is a food of high quality that gives energy and nutrients to human body.


Net Weight: 500 gr

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