Virgin Mary Gorgoepikoos – Icon on naturally aged wood – Mount Athos

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Virgin Mary Gorgoepikoos means «she who hears speedily». This is a unique icon on naturally aged wood that came from a cell at Mount Athos. Monks are reusing wood from renovation works to make these icons which carries blessings from Mount Athos.


Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 20 x 23 x 2 cm

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Icon of Virgin Mary Gorgoepikoos on naturally aged wood

The miraculous icon of Virgin Mary Gorgoepikoos is located in the Holy Monastery of Docheiari of Mount Athos since 1646.  She protects the monks from every offense and insult, but also those who turn to her by faith, asking for her brokerage. The best-known miraculous icon of the Holy Mountain Mount Athos, after Panagia Portaitissa. Virgin Mary the Gorgoepikoos is an ancient wall-painting of the Blessed Virgin. It is located on the outside of the eastern wall of the refectory, to the right of the entrance, in the Docheiariou Monastery.

In 1664, the trapezares Neilos, heard a voice telling him: «Do not come past here with a torch, leaving smoke on my icon». Neilos did not pay much attention to the voice, but it was soon heard again. The voice was imposing a punishment on the monk and leaving him blind. The brothers began to show great reverence in passing before the icon. They hung a perpetual lamp before it and burned incense every day. The blind Neilos spent all his time in a stall in front of the icon praying to Virgin Mary to forgive and heal him. His prayer was granted when, for the third time, a voice was heard from the icon which told Neilos that his supplication had been heard. The voice said that it was to her protection, after God, and her overshadowing guardianship. The monks should leave all their needs at her “hands”. She would hear them speedily, for her name is “Gorgoepikoos” (she who hears speedily).

Blessed Wood that came out of Paradise

A beautiful icon with Virgin Mary Gorgoepikoos on naturally aged wood which comes from a renovated cell at Mount Athos. Every part of this cell is connected with the monks who lived there and carries within blessings and prayers from many years ago. At Mount Athos are over 140 cells and some of them are located there for centuries.

This piece of wood was once part of a door leaf in a cell at Mount Athos. After the renovation works monks decided to use it for icons. On the back side of the icon two parallel cross – beams have been placed to support the image as well as a leather hook.


Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 20 x 23 x 2 cm

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