Virgin Mary – Green Background – Antique Painting Technique


Virgin Mary Sweet Kissing has been crafted on a green background with a decorated halo and is very affectionate towards baby Jesus who is lying on her lap.
Dimensions: 14×20


Virgin Mary on Green Background with handmade details

The greatness of the Orthodox iconography is that it manages to lead people to a transcendental way of worship, free of earthly and insubstantial issues.

Virgin Mary on green background – Composition & Materials used

In this specific work that Father Pefkis has created, Virgin Mary is adorned with a halo, a helical stem and white flowers. The quality silk-screen printing with its handmade details and the entire composition have undergone artificial aging.

The Athonite tradition is alive in the works of Father Pefkis. He has studied the art of iconography at the Athonite Ecclesiastical Academy of Mount Athos next to great teachers!

Origin: Father Pefkis Hagiography Workshop
Dimensions: 14×20

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Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions14 × 20 cm