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Virgin Mary Hodegetria is an entirely handmade artwork that stands out with its unique red background.The hagiography has been crafted on natural wood by the famous Greek hagiographer father Pefkis.
Dimensions: 29×41 cm

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Hagiography with Gold depicting Virgin Mary Hodegetria

The hagiography of Virgin Mary Hodegetria stands out with its unique red background. It is an entirely handmade artwork that follows the iconographic type of the devotional icon that can be found at the Monastery of Odigon in Constantinople.

The main characteristics of this specific iconographic type are the following. The tight balanced composition of the forms, the calm severity of the facial expressions & the asymmetrical movement of the maphorion.

A unique work of art that is handmade by father Pefkis!

This exceptional hagiography has  been crafted on natural wood at the workshop of Father Pefkis. He is a former student of the Athonite academy of Mount Athos, where he was taught the Byzantine art of iconography.

Origin: Father Pefkis Hagiography Workshop
Dimensions: 29×41

Click here to learn more about the famous Greek hagiographer Father Pefkis and his unique work!

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