Virgin Mary Hodegetria – Engraved Serigraph – Mount Athos


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This engraved serigraph with Virgin Mary Hodegetria is crafted by an iconographer monk at Mount Athos. The iconographer uses shiny background in gold colour highlighting the form and the characteristics of Virgin Mary.


Origin: Kerasia, Mount Athos


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Engraved Serigraph with Virgin Mary Hodegetria

An engraved serigraph with Virgin Mary Hodegetria. According to Orthodox tradition the icon of Virgin Mary Hodegetria is the first icon of the Church and this prototype is said to have been painted by the Apostle Luke and later kept in Constantinople. However there is another version that says that the prototype has long been in the Katholikon of the Monastery of Vatopedi, on the column of the left choir. Tradition says that in 1730 the icon suddenly disappeared from its place, although the gates of the Monastery were locked and was found at the Monastery of Xenophontos.

Everyone thought that someone had stolen it, and so the icon was brought back to its old place. But a short while afterwards the same incident happened again. The monks from Vatopedi were now convinced that this was a miracle and decided to respect the will of Theotokos. They hastened to Xenophontos to reverence the «Hodegetria», and for a long time afterwards used to send oil and wax for Her in Her new home.

Engraved Serigraph: Characteristics

A beautiful engraved serigraph on natural wood. The iconographer uses shiny background in gold colour highlighting the forms and the characteristics of the saints and giving visually a polished type effect. Engraved icons incorporates a special technique something that gives the icon an excellent aesthetic style.

Serigraph is a common technique in iconography and as a result is being taught and used in many iconography workshops including the ones at Mount Athos. At iconographies that are made with this particular technique monks are using modern and traditional methods, which means that the iconographer creates a part of the icon by hand and with less participation of technology. This icon is crafted with excellent materials on natural wood so it remains intact and with bright colours.


Origin: Kerasia, Mount Athos


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