Virgin Mary Paramythia – Engraved Serigraph – Mount Athos


A great engraved serigraph with Virgin Mary Paramythia. According to the tradition, the original facial expressions and posture of Virgin Mary Paramythia changed after a miracle.


Origin: Kerasia, Mount Athos


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Engraved Serigraph with Virgin Mary Paramythia

According to the tradition, the original facial expressions and posture of Virgin Mary Paramythia the Mother of God changed after a miracle. The year 807 AD and while the abbot of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi  was inside the temple, he suddenly heard the voice of Virgin Mary who was telling him: «Do not open the gates of the monastery today, but climb on the walls and get rid of the pirates”».

Surprised the abbot noticed that the face of Virgin Mary came alive while Jesus raised his right hand and tried to cover with it the mouth of Virgin Mary by saying: «No my mother, punish them because they deserve it». But Virgin Mary grasped the hand of her Son. By turning her head, in order to free her lips, she repeated the same words. This latter formation of the faces remained permanently in the icon. The monks, after being miraculously saved by the pirates, thanked Virgin Mary. They named the icon Paramythia, which means alleviation or mitigation, concepts that equally attribute the occurrence of a miracle.

Engraved Serigraph: Characteristics

A beautiful engraved serigraph on natural wood. The iconographer uses shiny background in gold colour highlighting the forms and the characteristics of the saints and giving visually a polished type effect. Engraved icons incorporates a special technique something that gives the icon an excellent aesthetic style.

Serigraph is a common technique in iconography and as a result is being taught and used in many iconography workshops including the ones at Mount Athos. At iconographies that are made with this particular technique monks are using modern and traditional methods, which means that the iconographer creates a part of the icon by hand and with less participation of technology. This icon is crafted with excellent materials on natural wood so it remains intact and with bright colours.


Origin: Kerasia, Mount Athos


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