Virgin Mary Paramythia – Mount Athos Icon on naturally aged wood

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Virgin Mary Paramythia, with the sweet expression of her face, comforts and soothes the soul of those who resort to her grace. Its form is depicted on wood that originates from a sacred cell of Mount Athos and has aged in a natural way.
Dimensions: 37 x 25 x 2 cm

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Icon on naturally aged wood with Virgin Mary Paramythia

Virgin Mary Paramythia is the one who comforts us. With the bland expression of her face, she rests and calms those who look at her figure and worship her image.

The historical image of Panagia Paramythia is located in the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi of Mount Athos. The original expression of Theotokos and Jesus in this particular icon was different. It changed, however, when the next miracle happened.

In 807 AD pirates landed on the beach of the monastery. They were waiting hidden to open the gate of the monastery to attack. After the end of the morning service, the abbot remained alone to continue his prayer. Suddenly she heard the following words, coming from a female voice: “Do not open the gates of the monastery today but climb the walls and drive the pirates.”

Turning his face to the icon of the Virgin, he saw the Divine Infant spreading his hand and covering his mother’s lips, saying, “My mother, let them be punished as they deserve. However, the Virgin Mary, holding her Son’s hand with her hand and turning her head slightly to release her lips, echoed the same words. Thus the abbot made sure that the first voice he heard was of the Virgin Mary.

The latter formation of the persons and the expression of the Virgin and Jesus remained permanently in the icon. The monks were saved by the pirates thanks to the Virgin Mary’s warning which they warmly thanked for its miraculous intervention. From this miracle they named the icon of Virgin Mary Paramythia. Virgin Mary Paramythia of Vatopedi is a fresco and is located in the homonymous chapel of the monastery.

Wood that came out of Paradise

In Mount Athos, even perishable materials continue to live after their primary use. The monks make use of everything for their preservation but also for the glory of God.

The uniqueness of this particular icon lies in the old wood where the icon of Virgin Mary Paramythia is placed on canvas. It is a wood that has been used for many years in Mount Athos as a beam in a holy cell. When the time of the renovation came, it was turned into a unique icon. The cracks of the old wood in which the icon is placed bear witness to the years of its life on Mount Athos.


Dimensions: 37 x 25 x 2 cm

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