Virgin Mary Portaitissa

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This specific artwork reveals the deep knowledge of the Byzantine tradition of the hagiographer George Sidiropoulos, who is offering us a unique and collectible work of art.

Άμεσα διαθέσιμο - Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες / In stock


In this unique work of Byzantine art, Virgin Mary Portaitissa has been carved with the «tsoukani» technique on a gold background. The gold background which is completely handmade highlights the vibrant Byzantine colors of Virgin Mary and infant Christ.

Golden are also the halos of Virgin and Christ, which is also cruciform (the one of Christ) with the inscription «ΩΝ» that means the one who exists. Christ is wearing a bright blue-green tunic and is sitting comfortably in the maternal lap, holding in his left hand a closed scroll while blessing with his right one.

This is a handmade replica of the famous icon of Portaitissa and portrays the wonder of the miraculous flow of blood from Virgin Mary’s face when the pirate struck with his sword the image in his attempt to enter the Holy Monastery of Iviron. The presence of the genuine icon in the Holy Monastery of Mount Athos is considered as a guarantee for the protection of the Athonite monasticism by Virgin Mary.

The spiritual completeness, the expressive realism and the creative aura are distinctive characteristics of this iconography. This polished artwork, made by the «Panselinos» School, reveals the deep knowledge of the Byzantine tradition of the iconographer George Sidiropoulos, who is offering us a collectible work.

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