Bracelet with an Embedded Amulet | Semi – Precious Stones, Silver & Gold


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An elegant and beautiful monastic handiwork made with semi-precious stones from monks at Mount Athos. This bracelet with semi – precious beads has an embedded amulet with Virgin Mary and can be a great gift for your loved ones. Made with care and love this bracelet is an authentic monastic product from Mount Athos.


Beads: 20

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Bracelet with semi – precious stones and an embedded amulet

This bracelet with semi – precious stones is an authentic monastery handiwork and bears an amulet with Virgin Mary the most beloved figure of Christianity. This bracelet is made by monks at Mount Athos, it is composed by 20 beads and has a beautiful metallic amulet in the middle. It stands out for its quality and hard work and it’s very elegant. It will be the ideal gift for your friends and relatives.


This monastic amulet is composed by 14 black and white beads made by semi – precious stones. The beads are made from Onyx, Tiger’s Eye and different kinds of Agate. Between these beads there six smaller made from gold-plated silver. The embedded amulet has from the one side the representation of Virgin Mary and at the other side there is the Christogram IC XC NI KA which means Jesus Christ saves. The amulet is made with pure silver and its outline is gold-plated.

Handiwork from monks

This bracelet is an authentic monastic product from Mount Athos. It is known that every monk takes over a specific task which accompanies them at their monastic living. The most common occupation of monks are their handiworks. Following tradition of many years ago monks make these handiworks with care and love knowing that these bracelets are worn as amulets by Christians. This bracelet and all their handiworks are made with care and love by monks with excellent skills. All the incomes from the sales of these handicrafts are used for the maintenance or renovation of their monasteries.



Beads: 20





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