Walnut Cream- Holy Monastery of Transfiguration


Walnut Cream is a fine monastic product. Only traditional methods of making products are used for its production. Tasty and with velvety texture, it is ideal for breakfast, but also for a variety of pastry recipes.
Net Weight: 225gr.

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Walnut Cream from the Holy Monastery of Transfiguration

Walnut Cream is an authentic monastic product. It is produced and packed in the Holy Monastery of Transfiguration in the Terrasson of France. This monastery is a glebe of the Holy Monastery of Simonopetra of Mount Athos.
Walnut Cream is made using traditional methods and techniques and respect for nature. Both Simonopetra and its glebes around the world have ecological sensitivity and environmental consciousness. In the Holy Monastery of Transfiguration the nuns cultivate organic orchards with walnuts and various fruits, while at the same time they have a livestock unit to cover the monastery’s nutritional needs.
Walnut Cream is a fine monastic product of excellent quality. It has distinct taste, velvety texture and high nutritional value. It is a very popular product in France.

Walnut Cream: Ingredients

The monastic Cream contains ripe ground nuts, raw cane sugar and water.

Walnut Cream: Uses

Thanks to its unique flavor, Walnut Cream has a variety of uses. It can be added to pastry recipes and add extra flavor to your sweets. Walnut Cream can be added to cakes, tarts, pancakes, ice creams, and as a filling in croissants, cookies and crêpes.
It is also ideal for breakfast, especially during fasting, as it contains many nutrients that give the body the energy it needs to start the day. It is eaten on bread, instead of jam, or pure, satisfying the body’s need for sweet, giving it at the same time nutritional ingredients.

Walnuts: Nutritional Value

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, much more than the rest of the nuts. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids protect the body from cardiovascular disease. Daily consumption of a reasonable amount of walnuts protects the arteries, reducing the appearance of thrombosis. It also helps reduce the risk of strokes, while reducing bad cholesterol.
Origin: Holy Monastery of Transfiguration
Net Weight: 225gr.

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