Wax-cream with Honey, Milk & Pollen – Dry · Chapped Hands · Cracked Heals & Elbows | Saint James the Just Monastery

This unique monastic wax-cream with honey, milk and pollen stands out thanks to its strong moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging effects. Perfect choice for dry elbows, cracked, dry and chapped hands it is also ideal for the daily care and protection of your skin!
Net Weight: 35 & 80g


Monastic Wax-cream with honey, milk and pollen & strong moisturizing and antioxidant properties!

This 100% natural Monastic Wax-cream is rich in natural nutrients, moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients. It is ideal for the daily care and protection of the skin, especially during the winter months when weather conditions tend to affect our skin.

An ideal product for dry · chapped hands,  cracked heals & elbows!

Monastic wax-cream with honey, milk & pollen – Ingredients!

Pure beeswax, chestnut honey, alcoholic solution of propolis, pollen, milk, essential oils (eucalyptus and vanilla), sunflower oil.

Beneficial properties of Monastic Wax-Cream

Monastic honey: can do wonders for your skin, thanks to its strong antibacterial properties and hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants. It acts as a great anti-aging agent and moisturizer & is rich in natural antioxidants with strong antimicrobial properties. Honey helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays and facilitates skin’s ability to rejuvenate. It also has the ability to absorb moisture, and this why it helps in keeping the skin well hydrated and youthful.

Milk rich in nutrients, has been a favored ingredient in skin care for centuries. Cleopatra has been known to take milk baths as a means to keep her skin supple, smooth and radiant. It contains among others lactic acid, which gently sloughs away dead skin cells while promoting cell renewal.

Pollen: a new ally in the ongoing battle to keep your skin firm, glowing and blemish free is pollen! The nutrient dense superfood from the hive is changing the rules when it comes to keeping your skin healthy in a natural, monastic way. Bee pollen is filled with ‘skin health’ boosting substances nd dozens of anti-oxidants and fatty acids. It makes skin younger and less vulnerable to wrinkles. Furthermore, it helps clear up acne conditions, and is a great anti-aging ingredient for the skin due to its very high ORAC value. Due to its high content of Nucliec Acids it prevents premature aging while stimulating the natural growth of new skin tissues. More specifically, when Bee pollen penetrates the skin it automatically nourishes our cells and tissues beneath the skin layer.

Monastic wax-cream is paraben free and contains no fragrances or added chemicals.

A 100% natural product with unique anti-aging, moisturizing, antioxidant properties that will impress you already from the first application!

Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint James the Just
Net weight: 35 | 80g

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