White Vinegar with Pepper & Herbs – Xenophontos Monastery

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Fine White Vinegar with Pepper & Herbs. from The Holy Monastery of Xenophontos. Add flavour and spice up the traditional Greek recipes with this authentic Athonite product.
Net Weight: 250ml

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White Vinegar with Pepper & Herbs from the Holy Monastery of Xenophontos

White Vinegar with Pepper & Herbs is made from 100% natural ingredients and with the traditional methods of the Athonite Monks. It is produced and bottled exclusively by the monks of Xenophontos Monastery.

Thanks to its aroma and intense flavor, it is ideal for cooking as it spices up your recipes. This aromatic bottle, contains of the beneficial features of white vinegar. Vinegar is a key ingredient in Greek cuisine. Add it to salads and foods and enrich them with delicacy, aroma and nutrients.

Benefits for the White Vinegar with Pepper

The authentic Athonite White Vinegar with Pepper & Herbs stands out for its excellent quality and special flavor. At the same time, it is nutritious. It helps with your digestion and it contributes to a lower level of the cholesterol. White Vinegar is also effective in treating diarrhea, constipation and vomiting.

The antibiotic properties of White Vinegar contribute to the effective treatment of stomach problems from a parasite. Furthermore, vinegar is particularly beneficial to diabetics as it helps the body maintain blood sugar level.

White Vinegar with Pepper & Herbs, is made from cider with the addition of herbs. Cider is the wine made from apple juice. This makes White Vinegar light and aromatic. Besides the genuine aromatic herbs, it contains small red peppers that add a spicy flavor.

WhiteVinegar with Pepper & Herbs, combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Xenophontos Monastery, accompanies perfectly all the Mediterranean cuisine and salads. Add it to sautéed vegetables, salads with raw or boiled vegetables, barbecue sauce and shellfish and impress your guests.

Origin: Holy Monastery of Xenophontos – Mount Athos
Net weight: 250ml

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