Wine, honey & soap from the Holy Mt Athos Monasteries


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Three exquisite organic products – all handmade by Athonite Monks – have been gathered in a unique Christmas gift package!

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Athonite White or Red Wine, Flower Honey & Mount Athos Natural Soap

White Wine – Xenophontos Monastery: With respect to the long monastic tradition of winemaking, the monks of the Xenophontos Monastery on Mount Athos produce this exceptional wine. It derives directly from the blessed vineyards of the garden of Virgin Mary, which currently holds the reigns of wine tradition in Greece. A superb monastic product that is available via the Mount Athos Products Exhibition.


Red Wine – Xenophontos Monastery: With respect to the rich wine tradition of Mount Athos, the monks of the Xenophontos Monastery prepare an excellent and attractive red wine from local varieties of Athos. With crimson and purple hues it stands out thanks to its exuberant aromas. It accompanies perfectly red meat while the bottle should be opened ideally one hour before serving made at 18 ° C.

Athonite Flower honey: From the Holy Mount Athos, where it is collected and packaged this authentic monastic flower honey comes straight to your place. Monk Akakios guarantees for its exceptional quality. It stands out thanks to its soft taste as well as its balanced bouquet of floral aromas.

Mount Athos Natural Soap – Rosemary: Soap with 100% pure, virgin olive oil, made on Mount Athos with the traditional method of cold process. It is recommended especially for sensitive skin face problems. The excellent antiseptic properties of rosemary protect skin from infections and fungi while leaving it smooth and soft. It relaxes the body while reducing the “grip” in the middle, the back, neck. Last but not least, it is the ideal choice for people with hair loss problems as rosemary oil consists a powerful tonic for the hair.

Please leave a comment during the check out process with the wine that you want!
Choose also between flower, chest nut or pine honey the one you prefer.

? All products contained in this unique gift package, are 100% organic – handmade and come straight from the pure nature of the Garden of Virgin Mary. ?

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