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A distinctive and elaborate monastic handicraft that offers you protection and blessing. The wood-carved neck cross with a leather cord is sleek and discreet. It is constantly worn by both young and old as a witness of faith but also as an amulet.
Total length: 29 cm

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Monastic wood-carved neck cross

The wood-carved neck cross is an authentic monastic handicraft. It is made with the art and the care of the monks of Orthodoxy.

Following the centuries-long monastic tradition, the monks work tirelessly and make a great variety of handicrafts. They accompany their work with a lot of prayer for that their handicrafts carry their blessings to those who use them.

Wood carved Neck Cross: Characteristics

The monastic neck cross is carved into wood with the art and the passion of the monks of Mount Athos. It carries on it the relief of the crucifixion while it is decorated with monastic patterns.

The wood-carved neck cross is light and discreet to be worn by young and old. It features a black leather cord to be durable for continuous use and a practical latch.

Neck Cross: Why do we wear it?

The cross dominates the whole life of Christians throughout the life of our Church as an instrument of sacrifice, salvation and grace.

The Cross of the Lord is a symbol and testimony of faith for Orthodox Christians. On it, Jesus with the immeasurable love of His salvation acquired the people.

In the sight of the cross, the devil cries and his temptations cannot touch the Christians.

That is why Christians wear a cross on our neck as a testimony of the Orthodox faith, as a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice but also as a protection.


Total length: 29 cm

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