Wood carved Neck Cross – Mount Athos


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The wood-carved neck cross from Mount Athos is at the same time jewel and amulet. It is made with the passion and art of the monks of Mount Athos and is blessed with their prayers.
Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.5 cm

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Wood carved neck cross of Mount Athos

The wood-carved neck cross is a genuine Athonite product. It is made with much prayer by the skillful hands of the monks of Mount Athos and transfers their blessings to those who wear it. It is at the same time jewelry and amulet.

The fathers in Mount Athos maintain and develop the traditional arts, such as the construction of handiworks. One of these is woodcarving. This wood-carved neck cross is made of dark wood, carved in the shape of Crucified. At the top of the carved cross is the INBI sign. It has curved edges. The brown neckline is waxed for greater durability in time and water. On the back of it is the origin of Mount Athos.

The holy fathers make these wooden crosses, giving them their blessing to be amulet.

The significance of the Cross

The symbol of the Cross is the highest sacrifice of God’s love for people. The crucified manifestation is the Crucified Lord. It is a symbol of peace and change. Thanks to the sacrifice of the Crucified, the war that the alienated man had declared to God, to his creation, to his fellowman and to himself, ended.

The Cross is also a symbol of victory against the state of the devil and the forces of darkness. And the faithful Christian, in turn, is fighting the devil and his methods because the Cross of the Lord is the only and irresistible shield of our every individual against the attacks of the wicked.

The Cross is the most loyal companion of every Orthodox from the moment of birth to the death of human.

The grace and power of the Holy Cross is due not to its shape, that it is the cross, but to the cross of Christ, the organ through which Christ saved the world.


Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.5 cm

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