Wooden Prayer Rope with cross – 59 beads


Wooden Prayer Rope is an authentic monastic handiwork. It consists of six parts. Intermediate wooden beads separate these six parts. It ends up in a wooden cross with the relief of Crucified.
Beads: 59
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Wooden Prayer Rope – Authentic handmade monastic product

Wooden Prayer Rope is a genuine monastic handiwork, made by Orthodox monks with love and prayr. It consists of 59 wooden beads in brown and beige color and is divided into six parts. Intermediate wooden beads separate the six parts of it. The beads are stitched in a thin rope of brown color. Prayer Rope ends up in a wooden cross which is adorned with a metal-embossed form of Crucified.

Wooden Prayer Rope: Uses

Monastic Wooden Prayer Rope is light and discreet and you can have it always with you. It is an excellent aid for prayer time. Counting its beads one by one, and saying at the same time the short wishes “Lord Jesus Christ have Mercy on Me” and “Virgin Mary Save Me”, the mind is concentrated on prayer.

Christians often have difficulty in praying because they are absorbed in their stressful lives with their everyday problems. Their mind is not concentrated, so their heart cannot feel the words of prayer, find consolation and calm.

Wooden Prayer Rope can greatly help Christians at the time of prayer and during the divine services of the Orthodox Church. With the Wooden Prayer Rosary in their hands and while counting its beads, believers focus their attention on the words of prayer. Thus their minds are dedicated to the conversation with God and the praise of the Lord and are not distracted by daily concerns and worries.

Beads: 59

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