Worry beads with «tears of Virgin Mary» – Mount Athos


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These worry beads are a unique and extremely beautiful handicraft from Mount Athos. It is made with the seeds of a plant called «tears of Virgin Mary» which is cultivated at Mount Athos by monks. These seeds have a pleasant feeling in the hand.


Beads: 33 & 50

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Worry beads with «tears of Virgin Mary» from Mount Athos

This handicraft is made with the seeds from the plant called «tears of Virgin Mary». It is a unique and beautiful handicraft which stands out for its quality and hard work. This monastery handicraft is composed by 50 «tears of Virgin Mary» and has a beautiful metallic cross at its finish. The cross has representations of Virgin Mary and Saints of Orthodox Church.

The plant which called «tears of Virgin Mary» is cultivated at Mount Athos and monks are collecting the seeds to make their handicrafts.

What tradition says about «tears of Virgin Mary»

According to a tradition this plant sprouted miraculously under the Cross of Jesus Christ during His crucifixion. It grew from the tears of Virgin Mary, while She was crying for Her only Son. So the beads of this plant symbolizes the sorrow and pain of  Virgin Mary.

Another tradition says that a monk at Mount Athos was very sad and he was crying  because he could not learn to knit a prayer rope. Then Virgin Mary presented to him and asked «Why are you sorry?». When the monk answered that he couldn’t knit a prayer rope, Virgin Mary gave him the seeds of this plant and said : «Take my tears, cultivate them, make prayer ropes and pray: “Oh Holy Mary save us”».


Beads: 33 & 50

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