Monks – drawing patience and perseverance from their faith in Virgin Mary -, undertook the difficult task to breathe life in one of the oldest and most historic cells of Mount Athos, the cell of the Great Virgin that belongs to Holy Monastery of Koutloumousiou and which has been destroyed. The monks try, with a lot of effort, to revive a part of the history of Mount Athos by making this cell habitable again.


The small cell with its small church, which also needs reconstruction, are included among the oldest buildings on Mount Athos with a long history, which begins in the 10th century. Many relics are still kept there today, as well as relics of saints, such as the incorruptible hand of Saint Parthenios (protector of cancer patients), but also soil and blood from the martyrdom of Saint Demetrius, which the Christians kept.

The difficult task of reconstruction

In the past, the cell had for some time the name Virgin Mary Evergetida which means Benefactress. In fact, Father Evlogios, who has undertaken the reconstruction work, has with him, as a personal heirloom, an old icon from Asia Minor, a copy of the Virgin Mary of Kazan, which is called Evergetida, because of its miracles and benefits. It dates, in fact, around the end of 1800 to the beginning of 1900.

Letter from the Holy Monastery Koutloumousiou

The reconstruction of this cell has been undertaken today by three fathers with the blessing of the Holy Monastery of Koutloumousiou of Mount Athos, including Father Evlogios. In fact, they are expecting another monk soon, specifically a hagiographer. Until now, the monks have managed with the kind sponsorships and donations of faithful people and with great effort, to rebuild the old stables of the cell where they live, having set as their next goal the reconstruction of the historic cell and its church. The old church has been destroyed and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, while the damage to the old cell is enormous. They have also erected a chapel in honor of Saint Parthenios, Bishop of Lampsacus, Saint Demetrius and Saint Luke, Bishop of Simferopol.

Holy relic of Saint Parthenios, bishop of Lampsacus, protector of cancer patients and against magic.

“Panagia Evergetida”. Heirloom – copy of the Virgin of Kazan which dates to the late 1800s, early 1900s.

Your kind sponsorship will also mean Your promotion as NEW OWNERS of the Holy Temple of Virgin Mary. Your names will always be mentioned in the Liturgy Diptychs in each Liturgy.

Letter from the Elder Evlogios Hieromonk

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