The physical store of Mount Athos Products Exhibition!

The physical store of Mount Athos Products Exhibition!

Mount Athos Products Exhibition, aside from its modern e-shop: , gathers all the authentic Monastic products in its physical store!

Discover authentic Mount Athos Products in the heart of Thessaloniki!

It is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, next to the church of Hagia Sophia, in 7 Keramopoulou Street. Mount Athos Products Exhibition serves the modern consumer by presenting to him unique and authentic Mount Athos & Monastic Products. In our physical store you can choose the products that suit your own needs, discover authentic  publications of the Mount Athos Monasteries & smell the wonderful aroma of the handmade incenses, creams, shampoos and essential oils. They are all made by Mount Athos Monks with love and prayer. What is more, you will be served by people who are well informed about the heritage of the Greek Orthodox Mount Athos Monasteries and will make shopping a pleasurable experience!

The physical store of Mount Athos products Exhibition and the hagiographies which are handmade by Athonite Monks!

All exquisite handiworks and rare hagiographies presented in the exhibition are handmade and bear the Mount Athos seal of authenticity! The artists and Monks, with whom we collaborate, have graduated from the Athonite Ecclesiastical Academy of Mount Athos and carry with them the spiritual heritage of the Greek Orthodoxy!  They faithfully follow the rules of religious painting of the Great Hagiography Schools as well as the Athonite Tradition! Το φυσικό κατάστημα της Έκθεσης Προϊόντων Αγίου Όρους

The Collectible Editions of the Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos!

An important position among our other products is held by the unique, luxurious book editions. They are published by the Holy Monasteries and Sketes of Mount Athos, in a unique action that reveals the richness and significant history of Byzantium and Orthodoxy! In the library of our physical store you can browse through the books and choose between cookbooks with authentic monastic recipes, hagiography books and collectible editions that teach us the wisdom of ascetics and monks!  You can also find collections with rare photographic material from Treasures that are kept in the monasteries of Mount Athos, as well as luxurious versions of the Old and New Testaments which are available in limited collections. 

Shop now from our physical store which is located in one of the most central points of the city –centre of Thessaloniki, next to the church of Hagia Sophia!  In 7 Keramopoulou Street you will find all authentic Mount Athos Products &“enjoy” the Athonite experience.

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