Mount Athos, the true Guardian of the Greek Orthodoxy

It is a holy place of incomparable beauty and a very strong and vibrant organism. It is inspiring and magnificent to be able to see its hidden beauty and its humble glory, to listen to its otherworldly scream.

Mount Athos is a place of silence and mystery that lies beneath the surface of the sensible and logical and behind the scenes of the social life. The executives of artionrate, for years now had the great blessing to visit Mt Athos, to research its libraries, to visit the Holy monasteries, meet the Athonite monks and approach from up close the authenticity of the Greek Orthodoxy. And every time they are there, you understand why this sacred place is a universal transmitter that radiates several messages, while each and every one of us can be transformed through them.

In this section of our new website we want to present everything that «transforms» people who visit the Holy Mount Athos: the main churches of the Holy Monasteries, the rare treasures of the sacred icons and hagiographies, the books that can be found in the libraries and the unimaginable wealth kept by the voluntary offer of life, in an atmosphere of prayer and silence. Amazing hagiographic works from the Macedonian and the Cretan School, as well as posterior forms of Byzantine art have mobilized us in an effort to showcase and project them around the world.

Through our website we want to present the breathtaking beauty of the Athonite landscape. The formation of Mt Athos is magnificent, with the capes and bays, the gorges and rocks, with its lush vegetation and wilderness, the sea route and the trekking in the traditional cobblestones as well as the enchanting grassy paths. All these amazing landscapes are presented in the best possible way through genuine photographs. The Athonite land is pristine. There the monks find rare herbs and plants, and therefore it has been described by many as a plant sanctuary, a unique botanical paradise. This website is the only one that presents along with the manifold richness of Mount Athos, the monastic goods produced there and through its website it affords them to the public all around the world.

Here, you will discover the vibrant communities of Mount Athos: the coenobitic Monasteries, the cloisters featuring the organized life of entire communities that preserve the freedom and unity and the desert, where they live alone without feeling lonely, the hermit Monks who seek for the ultimate freedom.

Mount Athos is a place where people find peace, as long as they seek for the ineffable beauty and the true love and in case they are humble worshipers of the true life. Through these pages a human and heavenly state is described, local and universal, which connects the history with the present, the culture with its transcendence, the power with the freedom. We invite you on a trek, starting from Karyes, passing through the communal monasteries, making a stop in the cloisters in order to rest and flying over the desert. With the wishes and blessings of the Monasteries, Sketes and Cells of Mt Athos that take part in the Mount Athos product presentation and in which other Greek monasteries participate as well, we have organized this website and this journey and we wish from the bottom of our heart to have you as companion.