Privacy policy

The website is operating in accordance with the applicable Greek and EU legislation and maintains your personal data secure, for as long as you are registered in a service of the, which is deleted after expiration in any way of the trading relationship.
The personal data that you store in the electronic store: is used exclusively by it or its affiliated business to support, promote and execute the trading relationship. The records kept may shared with the competent authorities shall mean police forces, judicial and other administrative authorities upon request and in accordance with the pertinent legislation. According to the legislation of communications privacy the client has rights to information and refusal that are provided for in articles 11-13 of Law. 2472/1997.
Personal data: any visitor can navigate our online store, Mount Athos products Exhibition, without giving any personal information. We will need personal data only when you subscribe and proceed with an order of products or in case you choose to receive our newsletter.
The necessary data for each transaction is your Name and Surname, a landline phone, address (street, city, postal code), shipping address and document type (receipt, invoice). At the same time, we voluntarily ask for some extra information such as mobile phone number (in case we need to contact you), fax number, birthday and profession.
Document data: In case we issue an invoice we need the company name, the fiscal code as well as the address of its registered office.
In summary, we only ask as much information as we need in order for you to enjoy a unique shopping experience: consistent delivery of the products that you ordered; secure payment and personalized service based on your needs and preferences.
To be able to offer personalized service, most large companies use alphanumeric identification files, the so called cookies. The session cookies are used only to recognize that you enter the site, so that you do not need to seek for your password on all pages containing transaction data. This information is erased immediately after leaving the site. The Mount Athos products exhibition website uses session cookies: so that we don’t constantly ask for your password when you visit our sub pages, we need to recognize you when you visit our online store.
Our primary goal is to continuously upgrade the navigation experience for the visitors of our website. To achieve this and to meet your every need, we use elements that are specific to your preferences while you are browsing our website.
Cookies are pieces of information, which in the form of very small texts, usually consisting of letters and numbers stored in the browser you use (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), helping the efficient operation of our site.

There are 4 different types of cookies:

Functionality Cookies
They allow the performance of basic functions of the site, such as adding items to your cart and storing products to the wish list.

Cookie Preferences
These cookies «memorize» your preferences during your website browsing, so we can recommend you the suitable products according to your needs.

Advertising Cookies
With the advertising cookies we seek to show you ads related to your interests, so as not to bother you with spam.

Analytics cookies
They help us to evaluate the effectiveness of the various functions of our site, in order to continually improve the experience we offer to you.

For answers visit the terms of use, paragraphs 6 and 7 and see in detail all security levels that we have implemented for you.