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Rich in nettle and thyme, this genuine monastic product enhances hair growth, prevents and reduces hair loss and gives you strong and healthy hair!

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Nettle, laurel, thyme, rosemary and cypress extract from Mount Athos.

Rich in essences, this genuine monastery product helps nourish and stimulate the hair follicles from the inside out. Furthermore, it enhances hair growth, prevents and reduces hair loss and gives you strong and healthy hair.

Instructions for use: Apply with your fingertips on the hairy part of the head and massage gently for 2-4 minutes. Wrap your head with a towel or a beanie in order to maintain it warm. Let it act overnight or at least for two hours and then take a bath.

This genuine monastery product does not lead to hair growth if the hair follicles are already destroyed. What it manages to do is strengthen the hair as well as the skin underneath it and prevent hair loss. However, the extract does manage to prevent the formation of baldness.

For faster results the simultaneous use of the herbal extract in combination with the anti hair loss cream is suggested.

We use the anti hair loss cream for two weeks. On the third week we apply the herbal extract and then we return to the usage of the cream. If we want to stop using both products, it is recommended that we do this gradually, by limiting their use during the week.
This genuine monastery product is produced and packaged at the Holy Cell of Saint Nicholas and is available via the Products Exhibition of Mount Athos.

Net weight: 100ml

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