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An antique serigraph with the representation of Virgin Mary Eleousa. The original icon was found by a little boy who saw Theotokos.


Origin: Workshop of Byzantine art of Father Pefkis

Dimensions: 15×20 cm


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Antique Serigraph with Virgin Mary Eleousa

An antique serigraph with the representation of Virgin Mary Eleousa. According to tradition the original icon was found in Thessalia, at the village Xyniada, by a child who saw Theotokos. Virgin Mary appeared at the 8 year old by the name Athanasius Syros, while he was playing. She told the little boy that he had pure heart and She also told him how to find Her icon. The boy told that to the villagers and to his parents but none of them believed him.

Years later an excavating machine came to Xyniada in order to open the streets of the village, but during the excavations they found under the ground the icon of the Virgin Mary. After that the villagers apologized to the child but most of all to Virgin Mary because they didn’t believed to Her appearance and Her words. At the place the icon was found the villagers built a church dedicated to Virgin Mary Eleousa.

Serigraph: Characteristics

This particular icon comes from the workshop of Byzantine art of father Pefkis and bears a seal and a certificate of authenticity. The iconographer father Pefkis is a graduate of the Athoniada Ecclesiastical Academy of Mount Athos and acquired his knowledge by studying alongside renowned teachers, while he is also a professor of iconography. The artificial aging is handmade, the colors used are in line with the Byzantine tradition, while the work has been created according to the style of the Macedonian school, which is followed in the workshop of Father Pefkis. The surface of this wonderful icon is covered with pure beeswax, so that the colors are kept bright over time.


Origin: Workshop of Byzantine art of Father Pefkis

Dimensions: 15×20 cm


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