Woodcut hanging Mount Athos Cross – Small


This woodcut hanging cross is both a jewelry and a blessing. Manufactured by the skilful hands of the monks of Mount Athos, and are blessed by their prayers.
Dimensions: 2.8 x 4.5

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All the art of Athonic crafting is in this wooden cross. Fathers on Mount Athos maintain and evolve the traditional arts, such as the woodwork. The carved wooden cross is made of dark wood, with carving in the form of the crucified Jesus.

At the top of the cross, the INVI Is distinguished. Thin lacy carving on dark wood. The black lanyard is waxed for greater durability and water.

The Holy Mountain fathers build wooden crosses them by giving them their blessing to an amulet.

Dimensions: 2.8 x 4.5

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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions2.8 × 4.5 cm