A new store from Mount Athos Exhibition at the island of Leros

A new store from Mount Athos Exhibition at the island of Leros

Excellent quality products and unique icons from monks at Mount Athos

The Mount Athos Exhibition expands by opening a new store at the island of Leros in the Dodecanese. The response from people is already very encouraging and it seems they embraced the new store like they did by the beginning with the Mount Athos Exhibition in Pylaia Thessaloniki and the shop at the centre of the city. At the store opening in Leros, few days ago, there was a crowd of people, representatives of the Church and the local leadership of Dodecanese. The quality of the Athonite products is incomparable and that’s why they gained the trust of people from the first time.


New store in Leros

The first store at Greek islands

The island of Leros was chosen after thorough research because the last few months there was a keen interest from Dodecanese to host a store with the superior quality products from Mount Athos and selected monasteries from all over Greece. The Mount Athos Exhibition opened the first store at Greek islands, but this project is going to extend as the products from Mount Athos with their excellent quality are promoting healthy eating.

The pure and natural ingredients and the traditional recipes are gaining ground amongst the consumers all over the world. At the same time this store has a great collection of unique artworks for every taste. At this store someone can find all the excellent products from Mount Athos, many of which are awarded for their excellent quality and their strict production rules.


New store in Leros by Mount Athos Exhibition

Foods from organic farming

Among the products that are found at the store in Leros there are excellent wines from organic farming vineyards at Mount Athos such as wine Epifanis. This multi-awarded wine is produced from the organic vines of Mylopotamos and more specifically from the varieties Limnio, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Another one excellent product is Organic Wine Syrah from  Vatopedi Monastery. This unique monastic product is being produced and packaged at the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos. It is a varietal wine that derives from the vineyards of the Monastery (organic grapes). The wine has been left to age for 12 months in oak barrels before ending up in glass bottles. For more than a year the monks-winemakers placed this unique monastic product in bottles and a dark, undisturbed environment.

At this store customers can also discover the authentic monastic extra virgin olive oils from organic olive groves from Vatopedi Monastery, Holy Monastery Iviron and Xenophontos Monastery and many other monasteries all over Greece.  Mount Athos organic olive groves are located in a trully virgin envirnoment without the presence of atmospheric pollution. The customers can also find honey, herbs, tinctures, face and hand creams, soaps, shampoos, aromatic oils and therapeutic beeswax creams. Products that are made by raw materials from the forests of Mount Athos which belongs on Natura 2000 land. And of course there is a variety of prayer ropes, worry beads and wooden amulets. These handmade products are the so-called monk’s handiwork.


New store

A small iconography exhibition

A special part of the store operates as a small iconography exhibition where the customers can admire and buy icons from great iconographers from Mount Athos. There is a variety of icons with different and unique styles, on naturally aged wood, with artificial maturation of paintings, decorated with gold sheets or sculptured halos.

Among these unique work of arts there are icons of iconographer father Pefkis, a graduate of the Athonite Ecclesiastical Academy of Mount Athos and a teacher of iconography himself as well as icons from monks from Mount Athos on naturally aged wood. This wood came from renovated cells at Mount Athos which has suffered many damages through years. Renovation works were necessary to remain in good condition so monks can continue to live there.

The old wood has been carefully cut and preserved by monks with excellent techniques on processing wood. Every part of these cells are connected with the monks who lived there and carries within blessings and prayers from many years ago.


A new store at the island of Leros



New store leros




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