K. Xenopoulos Wrote – Hagiographer Constantine Xenopoulos

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A luxurious edition containing 50 portraitures of the great hagiographer, Konstantinos Xenopoulos! Among his plethoric and multilateral paintings, portraitures hold an exceptional place since they have been created during the latest years of his artistic activity; the maturity period of Mr. Xenopoulos, we could say.
Greek Edition
Pages: 63

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Κ. Xenopoulos Wrote – Hagiographer Constantine Xenopoulos – Athonite Ecclesiastical Academy – Mount Athos

A unique collection of 50 works of the renowned hagiographer – iconographer Constantine Xenopoulos; portraitures painted with various painting techniques, copies of icons created by Panselinos in Protato Temple and St. Clement of Ohrid, as well as compositions depicting the everyday of the Mount Athos monks on the Garden of Virgin Mary.

Among the plethoric and multilateral paintings of Konstantinos Xenopoulos, his portraitures hold an exceptional place. They are mostly artworks created during the latest years of his artistic activity; his maturity period, we could say. Their themes are taken from the unique and endless gallery of forms -which for centuries now inspires painters- the old Mount Athos. We should not forget that even the renowned Panselinos, -one of the biggest painters of portraits in the world- borrowed characteristics from contemporary monks in order to paint his own forms in his murals.

In Constantine Xenopoulos’s portraits of the Mount Athos monks, one can see faces that have been transformed by goodness, and which have acquired a “drilled and beautiful visage”.

Greek Edition
Writer: Archon Hagiographer of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, Mr. Constantine Xenopoulos
Pages: 63

Do you want to learn more about the Athonite Ecclesiastical Academy from which Mr. Xenopoulos graduated? Click here in order to find out more information and discover a unique photo gallery!

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