Hagiography with Silver Saint Luke the Blessed Surgeon


This unique work of Byzantine art depicting Saint Luke is hand finished on natural wood while the halo is adorned with silver 925o.

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He was born in Kerch of Crimaia and grew up in Kiev, where along with his general studies; he also studied Painting and Medicine, specializing on surgery. After the death of his wife, he became a priest and was exiled in Siberia. There he attempted the first kidney transplant from an animal to a human. He was arrested multiple times and was brutally tortured. He slept in Simferopol after having served as an Archbishop and doctor selflessly and with sacrificial love. He was declared a Saint in 1996 while his memory is honored on the 11th of June.

This unique work of Byzantine art was crafted, with the exclusive knowledge of the quality silk-screen printing and was hand finished on natural wood while the halo is silver 925o. It has been crafted on natural wood by the Byzantine iconography workshop of Father Pefkis who has studied the art of iconography on Mount Athos and the Athonite Academy for four years.

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