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The lice lotion from Mount Athos removes directly lice and nudes in the most natural way. It also prevents their transmission. It is made of pure ingredients and does not contain chemical preservatives. It has distinctive aroma.
Net weight: 100ml


Natural lice lotion from Mount Athos

The lice lotion is a genuine natural product from Mount Athos. It is made with the experience and knowledge of the monks in the Holy Cell of Archangels, which belongs to the Holy Monastery of Hilandar.

The monks at Mount Athos, using the beneficial substances of the plants and herbs of Athonian land and based on the traditional recipes they keep, make a great variety of natural products for the everyday needs of the people.

Lice lotion: Ingredients

Lice lotion from Mount Athos contains lavender water, pharmaceutical alcohol, wheat germ oil, olive oil, cremophor, essential oils of citronella, tea tree and lavender.

Lice lotion: Use

Apply the lotion to the hair and leave it on for 15 minutes. Repeat usage 2- 3 times a week for 1 month.

Lice lotion: Properties

Lice lotion from Mount Athos is one of the best natural head lice removal products. It is made of 100% pure materials and it has distinctive aroma.

Lavender is among the top curative herbs. It is known for its distinct aroma but also for its beneficial properties. The lavender cools and relieves the skin of insects’ stings.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties lavender is particularly effective for cleaning and taking care of any inflammation of the skin.

Citronella is a plant with a lemon smell and a variety of properties. One of these is physical protection from mosquitoes. In addition, essential oil of citronella is used in aromatherapy to treat various health problems. Among other things, citronella has tonic, antimicrobial and antiseptic action.


Origin: Holy Cell of Archangels, Holy Monastery of Hilandar
Net weight: 100ml

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