Wooden cross from Mount Athos to wear around your neck

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This handmade authentic wooden Mount Athos cross is adorned with a wooden chain.
Beads: 40

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 ημέρες / Available in 4-10 days


God loves us sacrificially. He gave His wounds, to heal our own wounds. He managed to defeat the devil.

This is why as we remain united to the Cross, he works as a shield against the attacks of the devil. The Cross ceased to be a symbol of shame and ignominy.

We wear the cross being proud of the victory of our Lord.

Especially the wooden cross from Mount Athos that is made with the blessing of the Athonite fathers, maintains the simplicity and modesty with which we should wear the symbol.

This cross bears a smaller carved cross at its center and has dark brown color.

Origin: Mount Athos
Beads: 40
Net Weight: 20g

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