Monastic frumenty with mushrooms & Athonite Olive Oil

Monastic frumenty with mushrooms & Athonite Olive Oil

The monastic frumenty with mushrooms is a simple recipe & a light, summer dish!


• 2 chopped onions
• 2 cloves crushed garlic
• 1/2 cup Mount Athos olive oil
• 500 g. fresh mushrooms cut into thin slices
• 1 cup sour monastic frumenty
• 6 cups of water (optionally with dissolved chicken or vegetable broth)
• Salt and Pepper


Heat half the oil in a skillet and wilt the onion and garlic with attention over not too strong fire.

Add the mushrooms and stir until wilted.

Add water or broth gradually when boil reduce heat, stirring constantly to avoid clotting frumenty.

Add salt and pepper and cook over low heat for 10 to 12 minutes, stirring frequently to prevent sticking or clotting.

Add the remaining olive oil and remove from the fire.

The nutritional value of the monastic frumenty

The frumenty is a food with high nutritional value because it contains fiber, high biological value protein, carbohydrates, magnesium and folic acid. Due to its content of phosphorus protects the body against osteoporosis, while the carotenoid lutein containing helps the health of the skin, eyes and heart. The presence of milk in the recipe trachana increases the presence of protein and calcium, so it is convenient and nutritious food for children.

The monastery frumenty prepared sweet, sour or fasting, as the addition or not milk, and this fermentation.

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