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A special Athonite liqueur that comes to you directly from the blessed lands of Athos. The quince liqueur is made by the monks on Mount Athos, according to authentic traditional recipes. It is delicious and aromatic.
Net Weight: 250ml

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Handmade quince liqueur from Mount Athos

The quince liqueur is a unique and genuine product of the Holy Mountain. It is made with the care of the monks in the Holy Cell of saint Nicholaos, only from natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives.

The monks at Mount Athos exploit all the trees and plants of Mount Athos. Following traditional Athonite recipes, they make a variety of products that meet the everyday needs of people.

Athonite quince liqueur stands out for its superior quality and its wonderful aroma. It can be consumed plain but also added to pastry recipes, giving your sweets wonderful flavor and taste.

Quince Liqueur: Uses

Athonite quince liqueur can be consumed after a meal, as an aperitif. You can even offer it as a dessert instead of a candy.

Delicious and aromatic, quince liqueur is an excellent treat for your guests, either plain or accompanied by the traditional preservatives. Its bottle is minimal and stylish and you can offer it as a gift in every occasion.

Quince liqueur can be used in a variety of recipes for sweets, such as cakes, cakes, cookies or mousses, giving them a wonderful flavor.

Quince: Properties

Quince contains valuable vitamins and nutrients. It has a high content of water and potassium while it contains vitamin C, A and B complex vitamins. It contains dietary fiber in large quantities, while its nutrients are phosphorus and iron.

Quince also contains large amounts of tannin that has a strong antioxidant effect. It also has a high content of pectin (soluble plant fiber) that helps control cholesterol levels in the blood and prevents constipation.


Origin: Holy Cell of Saint Nicholaos, Karyes
Net Weight: 250ml

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