Monastic Saffron and its unique value in cooking

Monastic Saffron and its unique value in cooking

Saffron is a wonderful spice that adds to foods its unique and delicate aroma, its spicy flavor and a beautiful yellow – red color.

It is combined perfectly with rice, pasta, sauces, chicken, fish soups, lamb, potatoes, legumes, buns and cakes, and even ice cream.

The philosophy of the use of saffron, resembles that of an expensive perfume: Use the quantity indicated each time in the recipe. ¼ of a gram is enough for 750 grams.

Saffron and its value in cooking

Saffron has also healing properties.

• anticonvulsant
• soothing stomach pains
• balances the nervous system
• helps digestion
• increases appetite
• very helpful in reducing blood fat
• helps to improve blood circulation

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